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John Paul II Institute
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Latest News

Theology of the Body in Perth

The Institute is offering the subject Theology of the Body at UNDA Fremantle from September 29th to October 3rd. Click here for more information.

Former Institute faculty members release books in time for the Synod

Cardinal Marc Ouellet and Bishop Jean Laffitte (lecturers from the Roman session of the Institute) have both recently published books that address many of the questions that will be raised in the upcoming Synod on the Family. Cardinal Ouellet’s book, Mystery and Sacrament of Love, is a serious academic work that engages questions regarding sacramental theology, ecclesiology, and a theology of the sacrament of Marriage. Click here for more information. Bishop Laffitte’s book, The Choice of the Family, is in the form of an interview in which the bishop gives candid yet profound responses to questions on the pastoral challenges facing marriage and the family. Please click here. Both are highly recommended.



Institute student has article published

Tom Gourlay has recently had an article published in the online journal Homiletic and Pastoral Review. To read his article titled, “The Merciful Call to Holiness”, click here.

Dr O'Shea speaks at conference in Steubenville

Dr Gerard O’Shea addressed the annual John Bosco Catechetical Conference held in July at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. He was invited to speak about the Christian sexuality education program that trains parents to have ongoing conversations with their own children about this important matter. The program, As I Have Loved You, was developed at the John Paul II Institute, and has been very well received by parents throughout the world.



Archbishop Fisher’s lecture on same-sex “marriage”

On July 22nd, Archbishop Anthony Fisher (founding Director of the Institute) delivered a Defence of the Faith Lecture for the Order of Malta. His lecture was titled: “Same-Sex ‘Marriage’: Evolution or Deconstruction of Marriage and the Family?” Click here to read the lecture.  

Fr Gregory Jordan SJ

Image courtesy of Von Hayes 

Deducant te Angeli in paradisum

Fr Gregory Jordan SJ died in Brisbane on the 19th of July. He was a great friend of the John Paul II Institute and an all-round champion of the Catholic family. Through his service in Jesuit schools and university colleges and his patronage of the Australian Catholic Students Association he literally knew thousands of people. He was particularly loved by young people for whom he served as a very paternal mentor. In a time when many are growing up without fathers and grandfathers he knew how to father the fatherless and did it with ease. He was interested in developing human potential and did not confine himself to giving advice on spiritual matters. He was interested in every aspect of the lives of those in his care and well understood how the various dimensions of human life are ultimately linked to the spiritual. He didn’t stand around idle while his sheep were being menaced by wolves, especially the kind of intellectual species of wolf who peddles atheistic ideologies. He was never depressed by world events but seemed to assume that we were all born into an eschatological battle in which evil is to be expected. For him the important thing was to be playing on the right team in that battle and he thought that young Catholic families were on the front lines and he wanted to give them encouragement and logistical support. He had the disposition of a general who loved his troops and knew where they were all placed and what they were up to. He was proud of the achievements of people he had taught, and particularly proud when his former students got married and turned up with babies for him to baptise. He had an incredible ability to remember names across several generations. For the last 12 years of his life he led the St. Gregory's Latin Mass community in Brisbane. He was proud of the fact that the number of baptisms in the community strongly outweighed the funerals. When some future historian writes a doctoral dissertation on the Catholic Church in Australia in the second half of the 20th century and the early 21st , there will need to be at least one chapter on ‘Jordo’ and his students and the faithful Catholic families they founded.
Professor Tracey Rowland

Priests of Papua New Guinea attend Theology of the Body Retreat

During the last week of June, 65 priests from mainly highland dioceses of Papua New Guinea took part in a week-long retreat on the Theology of the Body. Held at the Good Shepherd Seminary near Mt Hagen, the retreat was led by JP2 lecturers Dr Adam Cooper and Fr Joel Wallace. Archbishop Douglas Young of Mt Hagen, who organised the retreat, spoke of the great need for deeper and ongoing formation of priests and seminarians in the catechetical teaching of Pope John Paul II. No less than western nations, Papua New Guinea is facing unprecedented challenges in the areas of sexual ethics, marital spirituality, family well-being, and personal integrity. Many have never heard that our sexuality can be redeemed, or considered the far reaching implications of re-reading both our bodies and the Gospel as profoundly nuptial mysteries. Needless to say, it was a week of deep spiritual, intellectual, and vocational renewal, steeped in a rich daily routine of prayer, worship, meditation on the word of God, and fraternal fellowship.



Theology of the Body in New Zealand

Dr Adam Cooper has just returned from Wellington NZ where he led a week-long workshop on the Theology of the Body at the ICPE Mission at St Gerard’s Monastery. This international event was the last stage of formation aimed at preparing students for new evangelisation in their home churches. Students represented diverse nations, including Germany, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and Korea. This is Dr Cooper’s second visit to the ICPE community in Wellington and as usual he found their hospitality and eagerness to learn John Paul II’s catechesis on human love in the divine plan second to none


New draft of Timetable – subject offered in WA

Draft 7 of the 2015 Timetable is now available. Included in this draft is the offering of the Theology of the Body as an intensive in Fremantle, WA and the cancellation of Theological Approaches to Ethics. Please also note that the dates for Biblical Theology of Marriage has switched with Eros, Logos and Agape. Finally, Christian Contributions to Psychology has been moved back by one week. To see the Timetable, click here

New Courses at the Institute

The ‪John Paul II Institute now offers Graduate Certificates and Diplomas in Theology of Psychology and Counselling. The purpose of these new courses is to enable professionals in the fields of psychology and counselling to integrate the perspective of faith in their work. Students will be introduced to the most recent theological developments in the area with reference to the current psychological and counselling theory and practice. We are now accepting enrolments for the second semester.

Second semester subjects include:
• Christian Contributions to Psychology
• Virtue, Faith and Psychological Science
Click here to view the brochure.

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