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Policies & Regulations

The following policies and regulations are applicable to students. Copies may be obtained from the Registrar or downloaded from the links below:

pdf Academic Regulations (850 KB)

pdf Doctoral Handbook (157 KB)

pdf Characteristics and Assessment of a Masters Dissertation (636 KB)

pdf Assessment Policy (633 KB)

pdf Guidelines for Presentation of Essays and Theses (435 KB)

pdf Academic Honesty Policy (661 KB)

pdf Student Conduct Policy (764 KB)

pdf International Student Liaison and Cultural Diversity Policy (724 KB)

pdf Bullying in the Workplace or Learning Environment Policy (1.05 MB)

pdf Statement on People with Disabilities Policy (620 KB)

pdf Equal Opportunity Policy (707 KB)

pdf Grievances Policy (781 KB)

pdf Sexual Harassment Policy (720 KB)

pdf Occupational Health and Safety Policy (631 KB)

pdf Privacy Policy (668 KB)

pdf Emergency and Critical Incident Policy (770 KB)

pdf Satisfactory Progress Policy (186 KB)

All other policies of the Institute (i.e. including those not directly related to students) may be requested from the Registrar:

  • Council review policy
  • Teaching staff availability policy
  • Academic staff development policy
  • Administration staff development policy
  • Course development and review policy
  • Guidelines for subject development
  • Intellectual property policy
  • Register of Supervisors and Associate Supervisors policy
  • Staff recruitment policy
  • Excellence in teaching awards
  • Quality of teaching and learning policy
  • Mission statement
  • Overview of courses
  • Risk management policy
  • Data protection policy
  • Satisfactory progress policy
  • Staff code of conduct